type:  guest house

location:  any site

date:  May-July, 2015

area:  610 sq. ft.

credits:  Vlado Valkof – architect; Elena Takova – designer; Constantine Dimitrov, Vladi Dimitrov, Konstantin Kyosev – visualizations; MS Consulting – structural; Perfect Design – MEP & environmental

G House is a 610 sq. ft. (57 sq. m.) secondary guest unit up on the hill of Monterey Park near Downtown Los Angeles. In a tiny, odd-shaped site, with a lot of code restrictions and a tight budget, Design Initiatives successfully created a functional floor layout scheme with a garage, kitchen, dining, living areas, and a full bathroom. In other municipalities, if the garage is not required, could be easily transformed into a bedroom. At the same time, G House inspires a special and unique experience for the guests of the main house, 1950’s California bungalow. The proposal fits in the context of the existing structure and achieves a harmonious compatibility with it.

G House is structurally divided into 2 pre-fabricated modules which could be transported on a flatbed truck. The owners of standard and bigger lots will have the opportunity to add on, combine and re-arrange different scenarios with the repetitive modules. Some of the possible variations are shown in the diagrams.

The full height store-front display windows are opened to the view of Monterey Park hills across. Embedded in the ceiling MecoShade could be pulled down when more privacy is needed. For the exterior sheeting is proposed an open joint system of resin-coated plywood panels with the exposed natural color of the spruce veneer. The landscape is composed of natural wood chips and local plants which do not need watering.