CSKA Sofia Stadium 01

type: sports

location: Sofia, Bulgaria

date: June, 2011

status: proposal

client: CSKA

area: 22,000 seats

credits: Vlado Valkof – project architect

This is a remodeling project of the club stadium of the Bulgarian football club CSKA Sofia to meet Category four of UEFA stadium standards. It mainly includes a new addition of a visor roof over the existing 22,000 seats. The visor roof can be executed in metal sheathing or lightweight translucent tensioned membranes. The original structure was built in 1923 over dirt berms in the middle of Knyaz Boris’ Garden – the central park in Sofia, the capital city of Bulgaria. The last substantial remodel was completed in 1967.

The roofs can be executed out of metal sheathing or lightweight, translucent, Teflon-coated membrane (Birdair or Novum type)