Dalian Hospital

type:  healthcare

location :  Dalian, China

date:  August, 2012

status:  competition

client:  First Affiliated Hospital of Dalian Medical University, Jinzhou New Area Medical Center

area:  184,828 sq. m.

credits:  Vlado Valkof – project architect; Stefan Petkov, Malgorzata Blasik, Minko Marinov – architects

The everyday experience of the users is critically important for the hospital typology.

Our proposal for a Jinzhou New Area Medical Center is located as closest as possible to the existing wing of the hospital in order to shorten the routes and form one integrated complex with that existing wing.

We designed the four main wings of the Medical Center (Outpatients; Inpatients; Medical Tech; Teaching/Research/Administration) around a pedestrians only Lobby/Plaza – a multifunctional, transitional, between indoor and outdoor, between the sidewalk and the building spine which is covered in protection from rain and snowfall but is not enclosed with walls. The small entry lobbies of the four wings are open to that two-story Hub/Plaza which distributes the crowd and makes the whole area more pedestrian friendly.

We split car access from trucks access and provided two drop-off areas at the two main streets fencing the site.

We shifted and offset the four different wings so every room that needs it has an access to natural light and ventilation – something so rare in medical buildings and hard to get organized with an area of 185,000 m2. We oriented most of the wards towards the best view – the park (south-west).

In addition to the usual energy and water conservation, rainwater and greywater use, incorporation in the construction process of recycled and reused materials, etc. we provided 10 % less than the required 50% Construction Density in order to minimize even further the impact of our building’s footprint. This way over half of the lot is dedicated to the Park and The Medical Center backyard becomes a part of the existing and now neglected Park. We ensure park entries from the 2 big streets surrounding the Center because now there is no easy and direct access to the Park. The existing buildings on the site are to be demolished and clear space for the park on top of the 2 underground levels garage. We significantly exceed the required 30% Greenfield Rate and in addition to the half lot park, we provide a green roof garden on top of the 6th floor – an elevated park that connects with the existing flat roof of the existing hospital.

It is going to be a steel structure on a standard 10x10m grid (10×11 in some cases), metal panels and curtain wall for the envelope, and a space frame for the bridge over the high voltage cable area. Prefab elements will be used widely in the construction process.