House of Oxymorons

type: residential

location: any site

date: 2010

status: competition

client: ICARCH gallery

area: 1,500 sq. ft.

credits : Vlado Valkof, Trifon Metodiev

The house and the shared inhabitance are about association between two or more different individuals. The shared inhabitance draws in dialectical oppositions: It draws in different and even contradictory behaviors, habits, necessities, activities. The shared inhabitance leads to complex interrelations: coincidental or intentional.

Wall not only as a divider but also as a connector: Walls literally connect/attach program “A” with a different program “B”, “C”… Cross in program and activity spaces are connected through the medium of cross surfaces. The cross programs get in motion – one program transmutes into its oppositions through the walls of cross surfaces. Motion in animation means transition from one position/condition to another. In architecture it may mean transition from one program to another.