Moving Distance Installation

type:  video installation

location:  Institute of Contemporary Art, Sofia, Bulgaria

date:  June 18 – July 30, 2013

curator : Iara Boubnova

credits:  Vlado Valkof, Minko Marinov

The video installation studies the dynamic transformation of today’s complex environment through folding the space

Two persons are moving at the same time, with the same high speed but at different points in space – physically divided by the length of a train. One is located at the very beginning of the train [first car] and the other one – in its very end [last car]. They are using simultaneously two independent ‘digital eyes’ – cameras to document everything that is happening out of the train windows in front of them.   

The two persons are watching hypothetically the same view out but with a few seconds difference in time, it is no longer the same view. Some changes already got happened and the persons perceive two different environments

The two 11:30 minute films between Burbank and Glendale railway stations in California [without any additional editing] are projected simultaneously out of two separate projectors directly next to each other cutting the space distance between them. The viewers in the gallery have the opportunity to hunt, trace and compare the differences between the two videos.